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Who Is This Course Right For?



  • Show and Race Car owners, racing drivers, and semi-pro and pro athletes.
  • People looking to build their personal brand.
  • People who realize the real benefits of sponsorship aren’t just freebies and discounts: it’s the people you meet and experiences it gives you!
  • People who thrive on honoring their commitments and love giving back ten times more than they receive!
  • People who aren’t afraid to chase their dream and who will work like crazy to achieve it!



Here is What You Will Learn:



  • How to become sponsor worthy – no matter where you are starting from.
  • How to prime the media….to help showcase you and /or your car!
  • How to create an AMAZING professional sponsorship proposal, complete with objectives and DELIVERABLES.
  • How to select, contact, and follow up with target sponsors!
  • The big difference between sponsorship and advertising, and how understanding that will separate you from the crowd!
  • The types of margins most sponsors can give on parts and discounts.
  • The true realities of obtaining and keeping sponsors: it’s not for the faint of heart, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it!


Don’t Take My Word For It

"People don't give credit to how hard it is to get sponsorship and how it can pay off in the long run...for years. Get your foot in the door and deliver the end product for the sponsor. What you are delivering here is worth its weight in gold!"

Tony Huntimer

Author of "How to Restore Your Camaro" 1967-1969, Former Contributor to Camaro Performers Magazine

"I'd love to learn in more detail how to become sponsor worthy and hopefully get some big name sponsors on my car, but I'm on a really tight budget.  If you ever decide to offer your program on some kind of payment plan, you can count me in."

Chris C.

Private Car Builder

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside of Sponsorship Fastlane


  • 8 video based lessons via our online membership website with your exclusive login
    • Each lesson is roughly 10-20 minutes in length.
    • Lessons can be done one at a time, or back to back. Your pace is completely up to you!
  • Two Exclusive Document Downloads:
    • Course Syllabus (Word and PDF formats)
    • Sample Sponsorship Proposal Outline (Word and PDF formats)



1. Do I need to already be a professional race car driver, shop owner, or the like?

Absolutely not. In fact, the “weekend warriors” sometimes make the best candidates to sponsor because they help sponsors showcase what their most common customers can do!

2. I don’t even have a car build in mind – nor am I a professional racer. Is this the right time for me to look at something like this?

You bet! I myself started in the same position, and while it took a lot of hard work and effort, I was able to put myself in a position to become sponsor worthy. In this course, I’ll show you how to approach it that way too!

3. My car is nearly done – or it’s been done for years and I’ve been racing a long time. Is it too late for me to find sponsorship?

Not at all! In fact, by starting your build yourself – or by campaigning your car already, you’ve put yourself in a PERFECT position to be sponsor worthy!

4. I just want to tool around in my car on weekend and relax at the cars shows. I’m never really going to race it.  Is sponsorship still right for me?

In all honesty….probably not (unless you happen to be a famous Hollywood star). My advice to you is to enjoy your car and not worry at all about finding sponsorship!

5. I’m already spending every dime I have on my car(s) right now. Is this really the right time for me to take a look at this?

Of course! I view understanding sponsorship a lot like the “eating healthy” part of losing weight. Just like losing weight, exercise alone (i.e. spending your money only on parts) isn’t the only thing to concentrate on. Plus….let’s be honest. The price of this course is what most people spend on tank of fuel for the weekend! You’re not risking much, and you have only success to gain!

6. I just can’t afford this right now. Remember when I told you I was spending everything I have on parts?

You’re in luck. This course was made to be affordable for everyone and is priced right to keep it accessible. If a one time payment is still too steep, we have an easy 3-month payment plan that will be just the ticket.

7. This all sounds like it’s too good to be true. There’s no way getting sponsorship can be easy.

You’re right! Obtaining sponsorship isn’t easy, and it isn’t guaranteed, nor should it be. Obtaining sponsorship takes commitment on YOUR part and is often a pay-to-play game. With that said though…..everyone stands a fair shot at obtaining it, as long as they’re willing to put in the effort. If you’ve read this far…..that’s probably you!

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Robert N. Kibbe